Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Give Me A Break! The Record Breaking Domain

I have heard it all.

Domain Name Sale Offers Chance in Guinness Book of World Records

Domain names are highly over-rated when it comes to the auction block.

Come on folks, how much sense does it make to try to cash in, auction off a domain name for 7.5 Million Bucks when everyone could easily create their own subdomain for any website out there?

This either has to be the one of the funniest Online stories or one of the dumbest advertising gimmicks. I haven't decided which yet.

Now there is a person trying to auction off / sell a domain name for $7,500,001.00 in cash.

What a Free PR Web technology marketing and advertising publicity ploy.

Andres Kello, owner of TheRecordBreakingDomain.com Domain Name has stated that, "There is no ad catchier than a record-breaking one."

Dear Mr. Kello,

I understand your interest in making the quick buck and generating hype is certainly a way of creating AD excitement for your domain name but how much dollars and cents does this record breaking nonsense really make? Look how easy it is to create another therecordbreakingdomain.blogspot.com. OK, sure it is not the the true dot com Web site but so what.

I know there are suckers born everyday and you may very well be able to generate enough news feeds hype to be able to go laughing all the way to the bank with your Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand One Dollars. I forgot, you are going to give away $2 Million Dollars to supporters and at least $400,000.00 to charity. I guess I will not be one of your supporters that you give me a little of that 2 mil.

Was this some wild bet Internet Marketing Strategy, Or some type of Supply Chain stunt where you went to bed one night and woke in the morning with an idea and said, "I know, what I'll do, I'll show the world how original ideas can make millions of dollars online."

Even if you do not sell the domain name, you will certainly generate traffic to your site and potentially pocket some extra cash money from the ads generated. That is fine, but really what are you doing to add ethical business credibility to the online world? Sad to say, not much.

So, when did you come up with the AD idea for The Record Breaking Domain sale? Was it October 3, 2005 when you created the therecordbreakingdomain.com domain name? Then did you work on the website for a number of days to get all your The Record Breaking Domain Name keywords just right?

Wow, you even registered the dot .net, .org, .info, and .biz. What happened with the Dot US Marketing Strategy? Was it a creative oversight or did you also forget about the blog advertising strategy? I see that you certainly have invested heavily in registering all of the different Domain Name variations from the online forum.


By the way, I am curious. Have you considered what the Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Spanish, Italians, Portuguese, and French Target Market Groups think? Humm, The Record Breaking Domain Name seems to be different.

All I can really say is good luck in your InterNet quest to sell the New, The Record Breaking Domain Dot Com

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